Monday, March 5, 2012

My New Toy - DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine

I bought a new toy recently - a pump-driven semi-automatic espresso machine. I can finally enjoy gourmet espresso any time I like. The DeLonghi EC155 is an excellent budget machine found under RM700 that is pump driven. This espresso is as good or better than anything you'll get in a cafe or our local kopitiam. Feel free to drop in my house for a cup of real Italian espresso. Purchasing an espresso machine makes me a proud owner and I just can't keep my hands and eyes away from it. Now, I don't just indulge in coffee but every minute every second I spend with my espresso maker. Watching the concentrated coffee fluid dripping from the portafilter gives me the pleasure of coffee making and I know that I am the happiest person on earth.

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine

The DeLonghi EC155 is the most affordable pump-driven semi-automatic espresso machine that packs 15 bars of pump pressure, so getting a good extraction is so fuss free.

The espresso machine is housed in durable black and silver plastic.

The 35oz water reservoir is located on the back left side of the machine

The portafilter has an interesting little plastic knob that produces the backpressure, and presumably the emulsification opportunity for the crèma to develop. The whole thing twists apart for easy cleaning.

The tamping disk can grab onto a few grounds every time I tamp, making for a little collection of grounds on the tamp and under it on the counter.

The machine also features a steam wand with an attachment that makes steaming and frothing milk at ease.

Steam knob

Turn the knob and wait for the temperature ready light to illuminate.

The EC155 has a removable drip tray. Cleaning is so easy. Just remove and rinse with warm water.

This is the Sempre Crema Filter which I use to brew my favourite ground coffee beans.

A well-extracted espresso shot

A layer of rich crema on shots.

Pairing a cup of double espresso with my egg tart.


  1. I do believe when you said you are the happiest person on earth.. a real coffee lover, no one can beat you as yet here! :)

    1. Claire:

      Care for a cup of Pam's coffee? You're cordially invited to Taiping for the homemade brew.

  2. Wow ! May I know where can I buy it ? My dad loves coffee and he always wanted to have one "toy" at home . His breakfast set will never change , super kao coffee and toast bread .

  3. Hi Pam,

    Have been reading your blog for quite some time. Interesting and straight forward! Just want to find out how's the coffee machine now after a few months of use.

    I'm a coffee lover too in B'worth and using a coffee press. Want to get a machine and undecided yet. Any suggestion would be appreciated. BTW, my name is Kok Yuen, Liew ( Thank you

  4. i from penang, where i can get this ec155 toy in malaysia?

  5. And as you serve them the cup warmer on the delonghi esam3300 magnifica coffee machine bottom keeps the remaining cups hot until you pull them off. And, if you're busy serving food then the cup storage tray allows your brews to rest as you do the other jobs.

  6. Is the machine still in service? Thanks.



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