Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pam's Fruitilicious Trifle

There's hardly any secret in this fruit trifle. Vanilla sponge at the bottom, followed by the fluffy meringue spread, sprinkled with lots of chopped fruits and topped with a layer of plain agar-agar. This simple yet healthy cake is something I call my own. When the idea of turning the above odd combinations into an edible product popped in my head, I tried to get a second opinion from some experts (not the certified professional but those Tom , Dick and Harry out there who love eating cakes). As expected, they shook their heads and frowned. This, however, had stimulated my creativity to develop better courage to try it out. The cake somehow turned out to be truly a surprise to those who expressed their serious disagreement over my daring creation. 


  1. Pam, can I invite myself over for tea??? :) You are really something!

  2. Claire:

    You don't need an invitation to be my guest. Just call whenever you feel like having afternoon tea at my place. Don't forget to list the food you wish to have so that I know what to prepare, ok? :) (I'm serious, you know?)

  3. i love the agar-agar layer there :) hope to be able to taste it rather than seeing the mouthwatering pictures here :P

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