Saturday, March 3, 2012

Catch the peppery love before it's too late

I have always wanted to try the Big M's prosperity burger which is available only during the Chinese New Year season. Not knowing when the promotion is going to end but I have been missing the boat for the past few years. I have to admit that I am a slow and sloppy person. Every time when I have made up my mind to try out something new, it always turns up to be disappointment. 
"Sorry, the promotion is over."
"Sorry, it's no longer available."
"No more stock."
I can't find words to describe how disappointing it is to be missing something I have been longing for. It's time to compensate myself so I am now swearing to myself that I will never let myself down again when it comes to the food which I like. Better eat than sorry.

Chicken Prosperity Burger @ RM8.88 (ala carte)

Savour the favourite taste of tender juicy chicken patty dipped in aromatic black pepper sauce, smothered with fresh slivered onions and sandwiched in a soft sesame seed bun.


  1. Eat and you will prosper!! (hopefully not sideways... hahahaa... )

    1. Claire:

      Luckily this is a seasonal item. Got to wait for another year for this burger again.



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