Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dried Meat (Bakkwa) and Onion Quiche

Have you eaten Bakkwa (Chinese dried meat) quiche before? I suppose you have neither heard of nor tasted this quiche through your life. You've probably tasted bacon quiche or mushroom quiche but I am pretty sure you have yet to come across a bakkwa-filled quiche. So, are you curious to find out where you can get this extraordinary quiche from? I am afraid it's unlikely that you can find this variant in any bakeries in town cause this is another creation of Pam the baker - inspired by her colleague who chopped the leftover bakkwa from the recent new year celebration and used it as a substitute to chicken meat or pork in dishes. 

I brought the quiche to school ans shared it with my colleagues. They had a good laugh upon learning that they were eating a fusion quiche with an 'east-meets-west' concept. Some actually asked if I had added Chinese sausage into the quiche as they found some resemblance in the taste of both bakkwa and wax meat.

Dried Meat (Bakkwa) and Onion Quiche @ priceless (effort + creativity + sweat)


  1. Your colleagues are so blessed! The pastry looks good..,.

  2. Claire:

    Those who had eaten my bacon quiche didn't seem to enjoy this. Sigh... interracial marriage usually doesn't work, hoh?



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