Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homemade Dessert #6: Chocolate Swiss Roll

As I was beating the sponge batter, I found the colour of the chocolate powder quite pale. I knew I had to add some 'extra kick' to my sponge so I removed a bar of cooking chocolate from the fridge and melted half of it in a saucepan. Poured the melted chocolate into the batter, gave it a nice stir till it's incorporated well in the batter. Yeah... that's the right colour. When the sponge was baked, I peeled off the baking sheet and waited for it to cool a little before spreading chocolate cream on it. There came the idea of pipping chocolate sauce on the sponge to give rise to the chocolatey cravings in me. Six strips of chocolate sauce evenly piped along the sponge, spread the chocolate cream and rolled it up! My super rich chocolate Swiss roll is DONE!

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