Thursday, May 3, 2012

Starbucks Dark Fairtrade Certified Italian Roast and American Breakfast

Home cooked American breakfast has always been my first choice. As many people have had the wrong perception of American breakfast being unhealthy, loaded with excess calories and cholesterol, they, particularly the adults, tend to eliminate it from their food lists and stop their family from consuming it as well. Of course, I do not deny the fact that some American breakfasts are sinfully packed with oil and fats. Thanks to the method of preparation adopted by most vendors and chefs, a supposed-to-be balanced meal has been branded as the culprit to cardiovascular diseases.

I, though not being too enthusiastic about American breakfast, would like to bring you to the correct path and  enlighten you on the real goodness of American breakfast. American breakfast, can be both healthy and sumptuous, provided if you cook it the proper way by using the five universal healthy combination - steaming, blanching, poaching, toasting and grilling - which are definitely free from oil.

Starbucks Dark Fairtrade Certified Italian Roast @ RM30.00

The French Press Brew

Homemade American Breakfast 

Healthy multi-grain toast, steamed pork ham and fat free scrambled egg.

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