Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teochew Style Congee

We had a mini potluck in school recently. It's real mini cause everyone brought just a small portion of food to school except for two teachers who came with two huge cooking pots. Haha, we had a teochew style porridge buffet in the staffroom. To prevent the senior assistant of administration (the most kacau fella) from making too much noise about our 'illegal' activity in the staffroom, we invited the principal to the staffroom and stuffed him with a big bowl of porridge loaded with lots of condiments. lol...

Fried omelette

Dried scallops

Deep fried dried fish

Stir-fried french beans with diced beancurd

Deep-fried anchovies

Preserved vegetables

Deep-fried fish

Anchovies and groundnuts

Stir-fried lup lup (mixed nuts and vegetables)

Chut Tai (Rolled spicy beancurd sheets)

Canned mackerel and dace

Preserved salted vegetables

Boiled salted eggs

Sweet potato porridge

Century egg porridge (much more popular than the former)

This is my bowl of teochew porridge


  1. wow... I love to be part of your staff!! So much condiments... can finish or not?

    1. We sapued everything within half an hour. All the hungry souls loaded their bowls with heaps of condiments.



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