Friday, May 18, 2012

Por Lor? Polo? Whatever you may call...

Breakfast in Hong Kong has a strong Western influence owing to its era of colonisation for about 150 years. Simply walk into any of the tea houses (char chan teng) in Hong Kong and you will be greeted by the harmonious blend of east-meet-west breakfast in their menu. While the breakfast sets are wonderfully paired with both Chinese and British ingredients - e.g. Char siew Spaghetti and scrambled egg set, Chinese noodles and butter toast set etc. - the Hongkies generally mix up anything they can think of, creating a variant cuisine which is usually widely accepted by the community. Thanks to its culture that nurtures its people into ones with high adaptive features, that nothing ever sounds strange to them as long as it is practicable. 

Old Town White Coffee (Gao) @ RM3.20

It's the surface of the bun that gives rise to the name - Po Lor - literally translated as pineapple in Hong Kong version of Cantonese.

Por Lor Bun (or Polo?) with Ham and Cheese @ RM4.20

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