Friday, May 11, 2012

English Afternoon Tea @ Pam's Place

I threw a tea party yesterday and invited four colleagues of mine to come over to my place after school. Upon reaching home, I whipped up all the ingredients at summer lightning speed, rolled and folded the batter pastry before stamping it into 20 dainty looking scones on the baking sheet. Popped them into the oven and I got 20 crumbly scones which make a perfect companion to my syphon brewed coffee.  

The entire tea set is made up of Pam's home-baked cakes and bread. 

The coffee ceremony has begun.

 I measure the quality of my life using the coffee spoon.

Freshly baked raisins and mixed peels scones 

The setting of an elegant homemade afternoon tea

The lower tier comprises raisins and mixed peels scones

The upper tier consists of fruitcakes and coffee cookie

Care for an afternoon tea at Pam's place?


  1. I am patiently waiting to be invited!! hahahaa... (thick-skinned me)

    1. Why not asking the other blogger friends of yours to join us?

  2. love your scones...can i have your recipe?



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