Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breakfast at Nam Heong

Where can you get the best white coffee in Ipoh? Sin Yoon Loong or Nam Heong? Both Hainanese coffee shops have been serving aromatic, robust coffee for many decades.
I guess I'm not in the position to decide who serves the best coffee but I myself prefer Nam Heong's simply because it is smoother and frothier. What about your choice of coffee?

I ordered a plate of CKT from one of the stalls in Nam Heong and it came with 3 medium-sized prawns. This is definitely not the best CKT in Ipoh but it is still better than many other stalls in town.

I was a bit disappointed with the coffee this time as it didn't look as frothy as it used to be.

I didn't buy these tarts from the dim sum stall in Nam Heong. Instead, I packed them from Kampung Simee. The best egg tarts must go with the best coffee.

The yam puff was from the dim sum stall in Nam Heong. Frankly speaking, I wouldn't want to order anything from that stall if I had more choice as almost none of their pastries is good.

Nam Heong Coffee Shop
Jalan Bijih Timah

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  1. i agree .. best egg tarts must go with best coffee .. but like you, i am quite often disappointed as well.



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