Monday, November 23, 2009

Roll, Roll, Roll your cakes...

JJ cakes - a new innovation of Swiss Roll, serving extra large cakes with extra fillings ranging from assorted fruit flavours to vegetable flavours.
This bakery is located in DeMouth Restaurant along Jalan Kampar (next to Honda Showroom).

All the Swiss rolls are made daily to ensure freshness. Business is brisk as walk-in customers normally buy more than two at one go.

Each Swiss Roll comes with chunks of fresh ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. The texture of the cake is so fine and the cake has an aromatic eggy taste which gives a very pleasant aftertaste.

Mango Swiss Roll (RM12/pc)

Chocolate Hazelnut (RM12/pc)

Pandan flavoured cake (RM12/pc)
JJ Cakes
(De Mouth Restaurant)
12, Jalan Kampar

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  1. hehhee..i just posted this few days ago..or last week..if not mistaken..yes the swiss rolls are famishing.. which flavor is tasty to u?



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