Friday, November 20, 2009

Kemaman's Stuffed Crab

Kemaman, a border town of Terengganu, was formerly known as Chukai. It is approximately an hour's drive from Kuantan, the city of Pahang state. Kemaman is quite a peaceful town as not much development is seen throughout the years. You probably won't stay overnight in Kemaman if you happen to chance along the town. However, spending a couple of hours there to savour their unique seafood is something you should not miss.

I reached Kuantan in the morning and had a bowl of curry noodles near Teluk Chempedak. I forgot to take picture as I was famished after traveling for more than eight hours. After breakfast, I spent some time driving around Kuantan before leaving for Kemaman. It was lunch time but we couldn't make up our mind on what to eat in Kemaman. It was either Hai Peng Kopitiam or Malaya Restaurant. We wanted to try Hai Peng's coffee and toast but since most of them were looking forward to something more appealing, we decided to try the infamous stuffed crab at Malaya Restaurant.
Stuffed crab = RM7/piece
The shell of crab is stuffed with crab's meat, chicken, shredded vegetables and some unknown ingredients. Each stuffed crab is made freshly upon order so it is piping hot when it arrives at your table.

This is another worth trying dish - Garlic Prawns. The prawns are split in halves and marinated with some spices before frying in hot oil. Some fried garlic is later sprinkled on top of the prawns before serving.

Malaya Restaurant
Kemaman (Chukai)


  1. wow..u went to kemaman? only wedding dinners i hv tried stuffed crab before.. looks good here..



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