Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coffee Street's Story

I stepped into Nam Heong Coffee shop and found myself a seat. I ordered a cup of hot white coffee but was told that only the cold version was available. Unbelievable! It means they actually prepare those cold drinks and store them in the fridge in advance. As a coffee person, I always remind my family and friends to inish their coffee within 13 minutes in order to get the best out of it as coffee is generally not edible after it is exposed to air for more than 13 minutes. As one of the pioneers in the coffee industry, how can Nam Heong allow their workers to prepare their signature item in advance while running the risk of staling the coffee. That's ridiculous! I left the coffee shop without saying a word and dashed straight into Sin Yoon Loong. I had my past coffee experience at SYL but was rather disappointed with the coffee served there as the quality is usually not consistent. By keeping my fingers crossed, I ordered a cup of hot white coffee.
The coffee arrived shortly but was not the steaming hot type. I took a sip of the lukewarm liquid with the hope of getting the 'uumph' feeling. My heart sank... This cup of coffee is good enough to ruin the reputation of a traditional coffee shop that has been standing proudly for more than 75 years in the vicinity as the main attraction to tourists who keep flocking in for a cup of true Hainanese white coffee. Reason? Being overly sweet! I can assure you that if I consume the same cup of coffee with the same amount of sweetener for a 7 consecutive days, I will be diagnosed with diabetes the next minute.

White Coffee + Snacks from the stall at the five-foot way.

Flavoured sponge cakes.
Steamed Kaya Cake (RM1/piece)
These freshly made steamed cakes are fluffy and soft. The aroma of eggs fills the cavity of your mouth when you sink your teeth into it. It is so perfectly done that many resign to wolfing down at least two pieces of it.

Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop
Jalan Bijih Timah

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