Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hor Hee & Arp Keok Pau at Thong Sui Kai

This is one of my favourite eating places in Ipoh as it has the best to offer and the uniqueness of eating by the roadside remains as the main attraction to many Ipoh folks.
This stall serves one of the best "Hor Hee" in town. I wonder why people are flocking in to Old Town Kopitiam for their Hor Hee which obviously lacks authenticity compared to this one. If you are a "Hor Hee' person and have yet to discover the best Hor Hee in Ipoh, please come and experience it yourself. Learn to love your tastebuds.

Some basic ingredients for a humble bowl of Hor Hee, i.e. Sliced fishcakes, fishballs, and the most important ingredient that gives personality to the noodles is 'Yue Pei Kau' (Fish paste dumpling)

The third generation of the founder of this stall

Preparing a bowl of hearty noodles is as simple as 1,2 & 3 (From what I saw)

Ready to serve. This bowl of noodles costs RM3.50 and it is loaded with generous amount of fishballs and fishcakes.

The silky smooth hor fun goes very well with the flavourful soup

Ice Kacang from a neighbouring stall
This is a typical but rare local delicacy in Ipoh.
Leong Pui Kee has been selling 'Ark Keok Pau' for decades and the taste of this food still remains as delicious as before.

Ark Keok Pau consists of duck's meat, duck liver and some fat rolled up in duck's intestines.
NOTE: It also contains far more calories and cholesterol than one can imagine

The proud owner of the stall who always attends to the needs of his customers with a cheerful look.

Braised Tofu (Left tray) and Ark Keok Pau

Take a closer look to reveal all the sinful ingredients which could probably contribute to the clogging of the artery

Just one bite to release all the trapped gravy which has infused into all the ingredients. Don't get overly excited when the juice oozes out from it.
Another never-to-miss dish is the braised tofu

Thong Sui Kai
Open-Air Food Court Rainbow City
Off Jalan Sultan Idris
(near SRJK Sam Tet)

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