Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hearty Breakfast at Movenpick

Attended a wedding dinner in Taipei last week and spent a lot there
NOTE: Go at your own expense, including lodging and food.
What to do? That's one of my best uni-mates who claimed that she would leave the country for the rest of her life but ended up marrying a Taiwanese whom she bumped into during her first visit to Taiwan. I didn't know that meeting your Prince of Charm can be such an easy thing...

The first thing I did upon my arrival in Taipei was to look for breakfast as the food served on the aeroplane really sucks... (not a well-known airline to Malaysian)
Saw Movenpick Restaurant and I felt the urge to eat there as it reminded me of Switzerland. How much I miss those ice-cream...
My Breakfast set comes with an overloaded meat sandwich, a cup of orange juice and 'Movenpick's Special Blend'. I couldn't finish it by myself so I took half the portion and packed the rest for tea-time.

You must be wondering why I couldn't finish the sandwich. The reason is I'd ordered two breakfast sets. The second one looks not so heavy and the Waffle Set only comes with two mini waffles, one fried egg and cut fruits. I finished them within minutes.

Those cakes and pies in the glassy shelf look so tempting. Too bad I had no ample rooms to tuck in any of these...
Movenpick Restaurant


  1. Movenpick in Taipei? did u fly to taipei by air asia? my frens have suggested going but have not decide when...



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