Saturday, November 7, 2009

Home baked Mocha Cake

A good mixer is an essential tool in learning how to bake

As sweet as sugar

Sieved flour

Melted cocoa and coffee

Separating the yolk and white

Start beating some basic ingredients

One, two, three...
Beating vigoruoslyFold in the flour
A pale looking batter

End product: A fluffy, moist and warm mocha cake

Steaming hot Java Sumatra Coffee + Pipping hot Mocha Cake = A perfect match!!


  1. hey..ada recipe tak? hahaha.. yeah, yr equipment very canggih la.. no wonder can get such a nice moist choc cake.. yummy.. no invitation? hahaa..

  2. Will consider uploading some recipes next time...
    Thanks anyway.

  3. wow the mixer really is very canggih ler ...



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