Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some down-to-earth food...

I'm an egg tart person who always finds tarts irresistible. I fancy all kinds of tarts: sweet, savoury, fruity, store-bought, homemade etc. I dare to say I have tried almost all the tarts in Taiping and Ipoh including the renowned best egg tarts in the country. I consider myself being lucky enough to have the opportunity of savouring the best tarts but at the same time I treat this luck of mine as a disaster as I can never get something better than that anymore. In other words, I'm losing the desire to keep on trying due to frequent disappointment while trying to look for the better ones. Hence, I've made up my mind to stop hunting but switch my attention to home baking. Guess who the pastry chef is? Me of course! =.=

Found a nice short crust pastry recipe and started working with the ingredients. I was too lazy to pinch the edge nicely for presentation came after taste. Instead of the original egg custard filling, I added some coffee powder into the egg mixture hoping to come up with a new innovation. While waiting for the tarts to cook, I made the gingko barley sweet broth to go with my oven fresh coffee tarts.

The tarts were ready after 45 minutes. The surface of the wobbly egg custard appeared to be slightly overcooked but it didn't ruin my appetite as my main aim was to explore the taste of the tarts.

I guess I'm not in the position to comment on my own tarts. Therefore, I leave it to you to judge it from its look.


  1. mingNa, what tart is this? looks like kaya tart to me and wishing that i could savor it too! and the bowl beside it, yes, egg custard... the other day, my malay colleague taught me how to make .. i must do it one day.. eh, u pandai bake too! like elin... me just wanna eat only...

  2. Haha... that's coffee egg tart! Looks pretty.... ugly, right? And that's not egg custard but barley gingko sweet broth (fu chuk yee mai tong sui).



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