Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brekky No.2

This is a very simple meal to prepare as it contains only some commonly available ingredients in every refrigerator. After several rounds of calculations (which led to the murder of brain cells - not logical-mathematics minded according to Howard Gardner), I went to 'chat chai' - literally translated as little seven (7-11) to buy a loaf of bread which costs merely RM2.30. This is one of the best deal I've made throughout the week for it will last me for at least 3 days without having to spend anything extra on food. I took out two slices of the loaf and cracked an egg into the bowl. Sprinkled with a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper, I gave it a good stir. Later, I then spread adequate amount of peanut butter onto the bread slices, sandwiched  them and immersed them into the beaten egg mixture. Did not want to oversoak the bread to prevent it from becoming soggy, I drained the bread for a few seconds and transferred it straight into the pan with preheated oil. 
Dished it up after frying for 2 minutes, I drizzled the FRENCH TOAST with some Golden syrup and ...... Let's tuck in!
Homemade French Toast

Kenya Coffee  
(ground coffee given by Chad - it's free again!)

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