Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day trip (course?) to Colmar Tropicale

Received a last minute call from the ED telling me that they needed me to attend a seminar in Bukit Tinggi and I had to reach ED within 2 hours. I rushed home immediately to pack my briefcase. Luckily the ED is merely a stone's throw from my house so I had ample time to take a shower and had a light snack before taking a leisure stroll to the ED. I reached there on time only to find that I was the last person they were expecting. Everyone was extraordinary quiet as Professor Jalil was not too happy with my lateness(?). I gave a personalised greeting to him and rushed to the back of the coach. 

We reached Colmar Tropicale after 3 hours and we were welcomed by the hotel staff. He led us to the ballroom with some refreshments awaiting us. Well, this is definitely a typical Malaysian culture. Irrespective of what type of courses you are attending, who the organiser is, who the participants are, MAKAN is always given top priority. So, we waited for nobody and tucked in happily without knowing the main objective of the course. After all, everything was paid for and I am entitled to claim for my allowance after that. 

The front view

Walking through the arch

The rear view

Oh... it looks so British... it reminds me of those taverns I used to hang out in London

Dave and Faizal even brought the tripod along

I had my tea time treat at this bakery. Meals were provided but I'd rather savour French pastries than Malay kuih.

Butter Croissant

Cheese Danish

Custard Puff

The meal was perfected with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

I managed to finish only one quarter of each type of pastry and took the remaining food back to my room. The hungry ghosts who had wolfed down countless 'kuihs' gobbled all my pastries the moment I placed the bag on the table.


  1. nice.. i never been there.. today i also attended a course but in INTIM.. hahhaa.. eh, who were the hungry ghosts??

  2. Like Claire, never been there, must make it a point t visit BT, hopefully this coming school holiday,,,,

    take care,, dropping by again



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