Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Full of berries

We spent almost the entire morning walking around the Agro Farm in Cameron Highlands. I am not a nature lover so was hardly attracted by the plants and flowers. Unlike my ex-colleagues from Johor who found it a truly amazing experience of visiting the Cactus farm, I wandered aimlessly from one section to another while waiting for them to complete their tour. When it was almost close to noon, Hong Ching brought up the idea of plucking strawberries in the farm. I knew that it's hard for me to turn down their 'invitation'. Bearing the heat and discomfort moving around the farm, I randomly picked any berries I could see despite being told to pluck only the 'big' ones. I couldn't wait to finish my task and leave that place immediately. After spending half-an-hour with the berries, I left and headed straight to the cafe. Since the cafe is located in the strawberry farm, almost all its food are made of strawberries.

I plucked all these...

Very lousy strawberry cheesecake

Tasteless Strawberry Pancake

Strawberry Waffle

Romaine Lettuce Juice


  1. waaahhhlauuu...ehh... looks so real in this post that i feel like plucking off here.. haahaaa.. really enjoying life, mingna!



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