Monday, March 8, 2010

Good morning, McDonald's!

Not a McDonald's fan but was surprisingly fascinated by the breakfast promotion which highlighted RM4 in the promotional banner. I always believe that the food sold in all fast food chains are potential artery clogging agents as they are mainly prepared with unhealthy cooking method - DEEP_FRIED! However, the hotcakes served by McDonald's happen to be the only exception under this circumstances. Therefore, I do eat their hotcakes occasionally. I find it not very affordable as the two pieces of fluffy yet not filling hotcakes cost RM5.80 excluding any beverages.

During this promotional period, hotcakes are priced at merely RM4, with a complimentary coffee. Nothing to shout about their coffee as it always tastes awful. Since the price is so much lower now and the coffee is FREE of charge, missing this breakfast deal would definitely be a sin.

Sausage McMuffin + Coffee/Tea (RM4.00)
 Egg Muffin with Chicken Roll + Coffee/Tea (RM4.50) 
 Sausage McMuffin with Egg + Coffee/Tea (RM4.50) 
 2 pcs hotcakes + Coffee/Tea (RM4.00) 
 RM4.00 for all these (each breakfast comes with a free refill of coffee or tea)
 It's value for money even though the coffee sucks! 


  1. hahhaa..i never tried them before.. for 4rm, i go for a bowl of liew fun in old town. :) but nowadays i eat bread in the office la..

  2. Claire:

    I miss pancakes a lot. Used to eat them as breakfast in London where 4 pancakes were sold at only 69p in all major supermarkets. Of course I had to take the trouble to reheat them in the oven before serving.

  3. haha i agree ... the coffee is not that good lo .. diluted taste.

  4. I love McD Breakfast. Some branch have real good coffee.

  5. Duckie:



    Have you tried out all d breakfast sets?



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