Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Town Kopitiam (Ipoh Garden South)

It was Sunday lunch time in Ipoh. The whole family had a craving for kopitiam food. Initially, we wanted to go to Pappa Rich (De Garden) but was hindered by the crowd queuing at the entrance of the restaurant.

We drove past Old Town Kopitiam in Ipoh Garden South and looked inside. It was relatively quiet so we decided to try it out.

The menu has a wide selection of dishes. We decided to go with one of the specials on the board, Nasi Lemak Special.
Nasi Lemak Special

Ipoh White Coffee (Gao)

We also ordered Dry Curry Noodles. The noodles were the thick yellow type and it was drenched in a thick, dark curry gravy. Scattered through the noodles were shredded chicken, prawns and half a lime. 

The gravy really surprised me – it was so sweet and flavoursome, like a reduction of the traditional Ipoh curry gravy but without the overpowering curry powder flavour. The curry sauce was the perfect accompaniment to the noodles and I couldn’t get enough! It had a pleasant taste without being too spicy. 

Tarts-and-Pies saw egg tarts again! They are so abundant and neatly arranged inside the glassy oven. The temptation was so great so I ordered one egg tart and shared it with the others.

Old Town Kopitiam
Ipoh Garden South


  1. kopithiam everywhere seems to be the same, right? yes, i tried the egg tart before but nothing beats the kg simee market and the one near the main market.. :)

  2. Claire:

    You're absolutely right! Kg. Simee is still the best in Malaysia. Hong Kee's (near Super Kinta) is good but I prefer Kg Simee's.

  3. I like the tarts from Kg. Simee too, especially when they're fresh and piping hot!

  4. Cheah:

    Plus wobbly egg custard which simply melts in your mouth the moment you sink your teeth into it. The strange thing is, your teeth will never reach the bottom of the crust as the custard is forever thicker than the rest...

  5. This is the original Old Town outlet. In all of Malaysia. Bet most people are not aware of this.
    Back then, I was wondering, what's the fuss about paying double the price for a cup of white coffee? And then BOOM!
    They hit the jackpot, and now >100 outlets!

  6. J2Kfm:

    Unfortunately, not all the outlets are serving up-to-standard food... Some can be real lousy, like the Taiping outlet...

  7. where is this outlet located? Medan Ipoh or Greentown?
    i cant find it on the google map...

  8. Anonymous:

    Ipoh Garden South.

  9. The food look nice! Does it serve halal food by the way?

  10. There is a Bitch at OLd Town Kopitiam's management office at Bercham......She likes to fuck around ladies...beware of yr Husband...dun let him get near her (CT)..



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