Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Please 'sandwich' me at O' Briens

Arrived at The Curve as early as 10.00. I'm now sitting at O'Briens and enjoying my cuppa. With a few fingers running on the keyboard, I munch on my sandwich and wash it down with my favourite Irish Coffee. Well, I still have half the sandwich to go... Going to finish it after clicking 'PUBLISH POST'.

One of the best coffee in the world --- Irish Coffee

Chicken and Bacon Sandwich (RM17.90)

Chicken Wrappo (RM15.90)

My Sandwich set comes with and add-on item - Chicken Soup for only RM6.90

Guess what I'll do later after this? 

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar
Ground Floor
The Curve

1 comment:

  1. i also drop by there for a quick snack then continue my shopping!!!



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