Sunday, March 14, 2010

My name is cholesterol!

I love to eat pork offal! I love to have them in my bowl of noodles, a pot of stew or even as braised items in a pot of flavoured soy sauce.

The preparation of pork offal is as sophisticated as any other thing in any other international cuisines. The large intestine, small intestine, liver and stomach are all major ingredients in this pot of stew with a robust flavour.
The use of organs is classically represented in this stall here.  It has its own recipe for preparing the stews of intestine, liver, and stomach The big pot is often placed facing the street and next to the entrance such that the mouth-watering aroma is the best draw for the the shop′s business.

Contrary to a common people's disgust for these dishes due to unfamiliarity and sanitary concerns, these offal items are very well cleaned. The pork intestines' tough inner skin (which is exposed to bolus and pre-fecal materials) is completely removed. Then, the intestine is exhaustively soaked, cleaned and rinsed. The stomachs are skilfully excised, and soaked for several hours and cleaned.

Apart from selling offal, this stall also sells roast meat, barbecued meat and 'Golden Coin' meat (Kum Chin Yoke).

And mustn't forget their grilled-to-perfection trotter. 

Pasir Pinji, Ipoh
(Opposite Pasir Pinji Market)
Business hour: 2.30p.m. onwards


  1. wow... all the babi-s....hahaha.. i love the roasted one.. i think my mum used to buy from here also.. but not so often nowadays..

  2. Claire:

    I urged my mum to give away some due to the cholesterol content in the babis...

  3. you know a lot of my friends had stopped eating pork offal, they said not healthy lah blahbhlah blah,, dont know why they said that, to me it always tastes so good, with kuih chap,porridge with chili padi , it is heavenly ...

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