Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Japan - Day 13: Eating three meals a day!

From 2 December onwards, we put a full stop to our outing to give way to 3 main activities:
Eat, Shop and Rest.
The first day was a lesson in gastronomy.

Breakfast: Japanese Style Breakfast
Scrambled eggs
Saba fish
Tsukemono (Preserved Raddish)
Fried Shredded Potato

Lunch: Japanese Noodles
Soba Restaurant in Nara
Zaru soba (Cold Buckwheat noodles笊蕎麦):
Mori soba topped with shredded nori seaweed.
Nishin soba 鰊(にしん)蕎麦:
Topped with migaki nishin 身欠きニシン, or dried fish of the Pacific herring.

Dinner: Japanese Curry
Japanese curry rice (karē don カレー丼)
Kare Udon (Udon served with curry sauce)

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