Friday, December 17, 2010

Japan - Day 8: Takanohara Food Trail

After travelling for 7 consecutive days, we decided to take a break on day 8 (27th Nov). We did not want to overstrain ourselves as there are many more interesting places awaiting us. Hence, we must ensure that we both were fit enough to continue with our plans. Since we had no intention of moving about, we spent most of our time strolling around the neighbourhood and treating ourselves to some good food.

Takanohara Kintetsu Eki - the station where we set off to various destinations.
Ajanta Curry House in Nara
Japanese Vegetable Soup Curry
Japanese Rice
Japanese Vegetable Soup Curry Set @ ¥1000
Indian Tea
Yakitori Restaurant
Hot Sake
The Menu
Hasami -- alternating pieces of chicken and leek
Tsukune (つくね), chicken meatballs
Toriniku, all white meat on skewer
Grilled shiitake mushrooms
Teriyaki Tori

Tebasaki (手羽先), chicken wings
Grilled aubergines (with katsu toppings)
Kimchi Congee
Grilled aubergines

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