Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Snack Attacks Strike!

Before I bid farewell to 2010 and welcome 2011, I shall catch the 'culprit' that seduces me into overeating which resulted in unintentional misery whenever I look at the reading shown by the bathroom scale. Apart from getting over binge eating during the holidays, the examiner's post also forces me into a sedentary job for weeks. I guess all the above factors have played their part in contributing to a constant increase in my body mass throughout the whole 'lovely' holidays. If this hardly sounds convincing to you, perhaps you first take a look of the suspects listed below:-

(clockwise from left):
Kobe Cheese Tart Cakes, Hakata-ku Chicky Cakes & Bonne Maman Citrus Tartlets
Kobe Cheese Tart Cakes
Bonne Maman Citrus Tartlets
Hakata-ku Chicky Cakes
Vicenzi puff pastry sticks with butter
Bonne Maman Chocolate & Caramel Tartlets
TUC Bacon Crackers
Kaldi's Special Blend

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