Thursday, December 16, 2010

Japan - Day 7 (Part 2): Kyoto Food Trail 2

I am not a fan of Kaiten belt sushi. Feeling more comfortable eating at the sushi bar, I rarely dine at Sushi King. One fine day, as we were walking from Ryōan-ji to Kinkaku-ji, we passed by this Sushi house. I began to wonder if the Kaiten sushi in Japan would change my preconceptions. Perhaps I should just give it a try.
If you have been to Sakae Sushi, I bet this monitor is not something new to you. This is definitely a fuss-free method as you can never go wrong by following the instructions. But... only Japanese characters are used in the system. I couldn't be bothered for I realised that even if I summoned a waitress over, I wasn't sure if I would be able to convey my message successfully.
The sushi here is dirt cheap. Each item costs a painless price of ¥100!
Kani Udon (Crab) @ ¥ 300

Hahaha... Uni sushi (sea urchin) again!
Mentaiko (明太子)- the marinated roe of pollock
Chocolate cream cake

Smoked macha ice-cream
Always better than McDonald's


  1. Angeline:

    I think the ice-cream in Japan is far better than Malaysia's.

  2. Yes, I like the green tea ice cream in Japan too!

  3. Claire:

    Do Koreans make ice-cream using kimchi?



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