Thursday, December 23, 2010

Japan - Day 14: Take nothing but 'calories', leave nothing but 'food'prints

3 December was the second last day of my stay in Japan. Being adventurous enough, I filled myself with courage and performed a series of crazy acts, from dawn to dusk, overfeeding myself with the amount of food which I rarely dare to tuck in back in Malaysia. A catastrophe is looming, I am going to have a period of time when I cannot allow any more food to go into my mouth. I don't always crave, or indulge in all the sugary snacks, except for this time ... ...

Breakfast 1:
Excelsior Cafe @ SATY Takanohara

Shrimp Sandwich + Coffee @ ¥380

Breakfast 2:
Chococro @ SATY Takanohara
Chocolate Croissant @ ¥160

Lunch 1:
Hakodate Sushi Restaurant @ SATY Takanohara

Uni (Sea Urchin) Sushi @ ¥ 356

Sperm of Pollock fish @ ¥ 280

Lunch 2:
Chef Nakagiri Cake Shop @ Takanohara
Chestnut Gateau + Caffe Latte @ ¥ 396

Afternoon Tea Break (the one and only):
Chateau Dior Bake Restaurant @ Saidaiji
Caffe Macchiato
Japanese Baked Cheesecake + Caffe Macchiato @ ¥ 500

Dinner 1:
Chestnut Swissroll @ ¥ 380

Dinner 2:
Japanese Cotton Cheesecake @ ¥ 120
Mingna's Food Philosophy:
Take nothing but 'calories'
Leave nothing but 'food'prints


  1. Japan cheese cake simply the best! Happy n Merry Christmas to you n ur family!

  2. Angeline:

    Merry Christmas to you too...



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