Sunday, December 12, 2010

Japan - Day 5 (Part 2): Kobe Food Trail

Walking around Kobe city, taking endless shots of the beautiful architecture of the old colonial buildings, we hardly sensed a feeling of hunger. Nevertheless, we were snacking around, from ice-cream to cakes, from Futomaki to sushi with exotic ingredients etc. We weren't physically hungry but our eyes found it hard to resist all the temptations at every corner store in Kobe.

Starbucks Coffee House
Stalls lining along the streets in Nankinmachi
Two stalls selling specialities made from products of Kobe Rokko Farm
Cakes made using fresh milk from Kobe Rokko Farm

Japanese layered cakes, also known as wheel cakes
The famous ice-cream in Kobe

This soft ice-cream is made from fragrant and rich milk from Rokko Farm

My favourite uni (sea urchin) sushi
It's raw, you know?
Vending machines selling all types of drinks for only 100 Yen
Try to guess which one I picked?
Boss Gold Press
Have you ever paired your sushi with coffee?

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