Thursday, December 9, 2010

Japan - Day 2: Nara Food Trail

When I posted my Japan trip last night, some bloggers asked me if I'd left out the Day 2 post. I didn't miss it but just couldn't figure out what to write for the second day because I spent most of the time sitting at my friend's place, recovering from the tiring 7-hour flight. I then tried to recall and I realised that I did walk around Nara but it was merely a food hunting experience between the two hungry souls. Since I was requested to write a little about Day 2, I am going to show you what the forever famished-looking Ming Na had eaten and seen in Nara.

Nara Kintetsu Station
I spotted this noodle shop in Nara
Very Japanese leh...
It really doesn't matter even if you can't read Japanese because photos of food are available in abundance.
Display sets are also available
Tempura Soba (天麩羅蕎麦) - topped with a huge shrimp tempura

Chuka Ramen (中華拉麺)

Traditional Confectionery Stalls in Nara
Varieties of Japanese-style sweets (wagashi, 和菓子)
谷中- one of the most famous confectionery shops in Nara, selling many types of local delicacies
Green Tea Mochi with Red Bean Filling
3 for ¥390
Before ...


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  1. Yummy Japanese food. I love their food display. If we buy, they'll definitely will wrap nicely.



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