Saturday, December 18, 2010

Japan - Day 9: Takanohara Food Trail 2

It's a cosy Sunday in Japan. The weather was quite pleasant and most suitable for an outing. Since we hadn't had any plans in mind, Mrs Lepage drove us to a fine dining restaurant and treated us to a nice French meal.

Mille Feuilles French Dining Restaurant, Nara
The elegant setting of the dining table
The restaurant offers you with a simple and cosy dining environment
All the decorations on the dining table were made by Chef シェフ 森下毘三郎 's wife

The napkin ring is another eye-catching decoration

Appetiser 1:
(clockwise from top left): Smoked Salmon, Grilled chicken meat, terrine and
sauteed shrimps & scallops .
Appetiser 2:
Fresh Garden Salad
Bread basket
Creamy chestnut soup (seasonal item)
Main Course 1:
Grilled Codfish and Shrimp
Main Course 2:
Grilled Seabass and Pumpkin Risotto
Rounding off with a cup of freshly brewed coffee


  1. Nice review of your trip. The table decorations are indeed cute.

  2. wow..fine dining in japan.. u cannot get this in packaged tours.. :)

  3. ck lam:

    Thank you. I enjoy reading yours too.


    That's the advantage of going on your own. Make it a point to travel on your own and you will see the difference. Let's go to Japan again nx yr.



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