Friday, October 21, 2011

The Eighth Wonder - ME!

My job as a public school teacher requires me to wake up as early as six in the morning every day. Getting myself dressed, packing my briefcase, crawling along the congested road (there are five schools along the main road), clocking in before 7.20 a.m. ...... who says life is not just about work?

I wake up at the usual time of 5.30 a.m., while majority of my colleagues are still asleep. Why do I need to get up half an hour early since sleeping is such a precious commodity for working adults? That's because I always find myself being negatively charged if I go to school in an empty stomach. I pity my students who frequently get scoldings from me as my temper flares easily whenever hunger strikes. Hence, getting up early for a nutritious breakfast is the only solution to the crisis. Haha...

For a person who enjoys life, making breakfast can be a very time consuming activity. Not to worry about me, being well trained, I am able to create wonders in just half an hour, without doubt. Please take a look...

Tesco French Roast Ground Coffee @ RM9.90

Freshly brewed Tesco French Roast in a French Press

Tesco French Roast Espresso brewed in Moka pot

Black Pepper Chicken Pie @ RM1.90 each

These energy provider mini pies are perfect for breakfast

This heavenly pie deserves more filling...

Pam's healthy homemade breakfast: 
Crispy Wholemeal Butter Roll and Moist Scrambled Egg

Continental style breakfast is my all time favourite.  *wink

***I think I'd make a good mother... hoh? 


  1. What you did is a mission impossible to me . I can never wake up so early to prepare breakfast . The fact is I always wake up at 11.50 if I have class at 12 . You will be a great mother ... Oh ya , I like your moist scrambled egg ! It makes me hungry !

  2. Pam really knows how to Pamper herself! Good discipline too..
    I wake up at 6am during weekdays though I sleep at 12am almost everynight.. so during weekends, I will tend to sleep longer...eventhough not in deep sleep, I still want to linger on the bed.. :)

  3. Yin:

    Aha... you spotted that tiny line at the bottom... of course la, you are a young baby.


    Pam Pampers herself... what a nice phrase... Thanks.



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