Saturday, October 22, 2011

T for Two...

Eating waffles involves many ideas to please the varied taste of individuals. By adding a modern twist to the classic waffle, many recipes can be adjusted to make enjoying waffle an amazing experience to everyone. Recently, I have been on the lookout for a new waffle recipe. Surprise! A unintentional pairing of food provided it. When Joel was nibbling some crunchy pork floss and Marie biscuit at the same time, the taste tantalized him. The odd combination hooked him! From that point to this it's been a successful discovery and so the following recipes have been produced. 

Robert Timms' Royal Special
A lightly roasted blend of the finest quality coffee beans creating a mild bodied coffee with a smooth rounded flavour.

Vanilla Egg Waffle with crunchy pork floss

Light and crispy waffle drizzled with hazelnut spread

Pam's October Creation: Afternoon tea for two! Perfetto!


  1. hey.. how come my comment is not here? I remember posting it up last night.. mentioning the hazelnut looks greyish in colour... and then I was telling you that I went to La Promise, Taiping to taste their strawberry smoothie and tiramisu... not bad!!

  2. Claire:

    That surprised me too cause I received a message saying that you'd left a comment here but when it was not there... funny.



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