Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Egg Tartlets @ Guangzhou Bakery, Georgetown

Today's post features the making of some old-fashioned egg tartlets in Penang. If you also an egg tart lover, you should not miss the opportunity of popping these dainty devils into your mouth one after another. It requires almost no effort in eating them. Follow three simple steps and you are guaranteed the real joy and satisfaction in food. 
1. Grab a tartlet.
2. Pop it into your mouth.
3. Bite, crush and swallow it.

Unfilled tart shells

The bakery owner straining the egg custard mixture.

Spooning off the froth to ensure a smooth surface of the egg custard upon baked. 

Looks tempting, doesn't it?

Pour the egg mixture into a mini kettle 

and start filling the empty shells till 90% full

They are all filled and ready to go into the oven.

Both the crispy shell and wobbly custard are cooked within 10 minutes.

Unmould these dainty tartlets to prevent moisture from setting in.

These tartlets are sold at RM4.00 for 10. It's dirt cheap, right?

Holding a bite-sized egg tartlet

Half is gone~~

Guangzhou Bakery
158, Carnavon Street,
10100 Penang.


  1. I tried these before...once only.. then 2nd time went there, no more liow.. must go early morning.. my kids always ask me to buy whenever we are there.. but many times wrong timing!

  2. Claire:

    I was the lucky one because I arrived 5 minutes before the tour group rushed in and sapu-ed all the tarts... You're right, timing is very important.



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