Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Perfect Baking Day

School is going to reopen soon. I'm physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually UNprepared to go back to school. Clothes not ironed, test papers not marked, grades not keyed in, teaching materials not prepared... Oh God! Where on earth did I get the impulse to rise so darn early to bake egg tarts for breakfast? Didn't I feel guilty for not doing something more appropriate at this eleventh hour?

Colombian Supremo Roast and Ground Coffee

Those naughty eggy tarts relaxing, baking in the oven...

Hot and fresh from the oven

I need to improve on my skill of pinching the edges of the pastry

The feeling of guilt begins to set in

Pair the tarts with the freshly brewed Colombian beans

The longer you stare, the guiltier you are...

Please pardon me, my sins have cast me so far from consciousness...


  1. No doubt you call that a perfect baking day. Your egg tarts look very impressive and the photos shows their deliciousness. Pairing them with a cup of premium coffee divine!

  2. wow...PAM PAM!! U R SO GENG! the egg tarts here are so tempting!! i better not show these to my girl.. she will be pestering me to buy them in kg simee market early early morning... what to do, no home cooked tarts to eat ... not like those above!! gosh..drooling now.. hey, when can u open a tarts and pies cosy corner???

  3. Quay Po Cooks:

    Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the compliments.


    Haha... If I open a bakery or patisserie one day, you will be my VVVIP. I can even give you a discount up to 80%...



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