Thursday, June 9, 2011

Croissant with Scrambled Eggs

I bought this Nescafe roasted flavour instant coffee in Japan and have been keeping it for months in the storage shelf. My mother couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the bottle of instant coffee because her daughter has never bought anything instant, especially coffee. Seriously, I was a bit confused too when I held it in my hand. May be I had gone haywire a bit looking at all the Japanese characters on the food label. Anyway, let's forget about the word instant and enjoy my cuppa just like the freshly brewed type.

Nescafe roasted flavour
ネスカフェ 香味焙煎

A premium choice from Nescafe for a full bodied cup of Arabica dark roast coffee

Bold, smoky and slightly tarty... the properties which are not commonly found in instant coffee beans

I always know how to appreciate a good cup of coffee by pairing it with my all time favourite.

Croissant with scrambled eggs (priceless...)

Typically Pam's breakfast, do you agree?


  1. simple but yet delicious and nutritious, good choice for breakfast.

  2. I will replace coffee with a fresh fruit juice :) healthy breakfast!

  3. Agnes:

    Hi... thanks for dropping by. I love continental breakfast especially fluffy scrambled eggs.


    Be my guest, Claire. I'll let you sample my fluffy scrambled eggs if you come to my palce for breakfast.



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