Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dim Sum @ Foh San

It was not our intention to have breakfast at Foh San but since an emergency had required the doctor to perform a surgery in the morning, the medical appointment was postponed to the afternoon. Had no idea of what to do, where to go throughout the morning until 2 p.m.... Somebody suggested a dim sum breakfast at Ming Court, another highly-acclaimed dim sum place in Ipoh, so we adjourned to Dim Sum Street (Jalan Leong Sin Nam), a street that has become associated with dim sum. To our disappointment, Ming Court was closed on that day. Left without a choice, we crossed the road to the so pretentious and forever crowded Foh San, though I never enjoy their rubbery dim sum and ridiculous snobbish service.

Chinese tea

Shrimp dumplings

Fishballs served with green peas

Barbecued pork pau

Egg tart

Steamed milk with ginger extract

Yong Tau Foo

Fried radish cubes

Location Map

Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant
51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan,
Tel: (605) 254 0308
Fax: (605) 253 5432


  1. Yes, i prefer ming court or Yoke Fook Moon rather than the Foh San though they have more varieties.. FS is too popular already.. so might as well, give biz to other dim sum shops around there.. :p

  2. Claire:

    Other shops make better profit on Tuesdays... haha



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