Saturday, June 18, 2011

Smuggling egg tarts into CBTL

The absolute best cup of coffee, complemented with a truly wonderful comfort food, makes the most soothing enjoyment on the cosy Saturday afternoon. My mood can be improved by simply smuggling the very good delicacy into Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to be eaten with a perfect cup of fresh brew.

Tong Kee Egg Tart @ RM1.20

Crispy pastry falling to pieces with just one bite...

Smooth and creamy custard with a hint of sweetness and the amazing eggy fragrance

Sumatra Mandheling Dark @ RM7.00

One flavourful step beyond the full-bodied Sumatra Mandheling lies... Sumatra Mandheling Dark is heated slowly to ever increasing temperatures, ascending the roasting spectrum to achieve an altered state where maltiness is transformed to caramel, and its rich aroma becomes even more intense.


  1. Hey Pam.. this morning I went to Kampong Simee to get a few egg tarts from QunKee... fresh from the oven even at 11.30am.. next time I will go there to buy... very nice too!

  2. I don't fancy Qun Kee egg tarts because of the ginger extract they added into the custard. Only went for Choy Kee when I was there.

  3. Tong Kee Egg Tart !!!! I LIKE IT ~

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