Monday, June 20, 2011

Help me choose the best Chocolate Croissant!

Dear all,

I have a favour to ask of you. I'm in the process of making a perfect chocolate croissant. Would you please take a few seconds to give me your opinion of how the most perfect croissant should look like? Below are five chocolate croissants which I'd tasted previously. Just take a good look at all of them and select one which you think is the best of all, in whatever aspect you may think of. I look forward to learning your preference and suggestions to improve my baking skills, too.

Many thanks.

Warmest regards,

Choco Cro Harajuku, Japan

Torre Rossa Hotel, Rome.

Caffe Ritazza, KLIA.

La Bodega, Pavilllion.

Starbucks Cafe


  1. Pam.. there are 5 here not 4? oh, i havent tasted any one of them yet.. so when you have baked them, u know what to do? *big smile*
    warm croissant.. for breakfast and tea break is really nice.. hmmmm....

  2. Claire:

    Thanks for spotting the error. It has been corrected from 4 to 5. Haha... no problem... I know what to do. *wink

  3. Hi Pam, I'll go for pic one and 2. But will give first preference to no. 1. Love the colour and texture.
    I guess you already have a black belt in baking....
    These croissants look good, breakfast or lunch or snacks.
    Send telegram when you make yours.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  4. I choose Choco Cro Harajuku, Japan! Not because that I love Japan, but i think that should be the traditional croissants looks like! I vote for #1!

  5. Uncle Lee:

    Thank you for your opinion and heartwarming compliments.

    アンゼエリン :

    Thank you. Hmm... a traditional chocolate croissant does not have the crescent look but a puff look.

  6. Is it? but still i would go for #1. So this time got chance to try over ur chocolate croissant?

  7. アンゼエリン:

    I will give you a treat if the product has a 90% resemblance with the one which you have chosen. Wish me luck... :)



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