Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pretentiously good dim sum @ Jaya Palace

Jaya Palace in PJ is not what I would call a hotspot for dim sum eateries. Proudly standing along the congested Federal Highway, Jaya Palace is the only dim sum restaurant I do not mind forking out extra for the parking service. Occupying the premises of Menara LYL on Jalan 51A/223, the restaurant has a modern, stylish décor with much use of intense wood colours. It is an exquisitely elegant restaurant and looks simply attractive at the first sight. Gone are those days of desperately trying to flag down the fast moving dim sum carts, Jaya Palace serves its dim sum the ala carte style which requires diners to wait for the dim sum to cook before the baskets of steaming morsels are delivered to your table. In other words, there is no overcooking business here as every item is made fresh upon order. Service is fast and it takes only the time of reading a headline or two.

Jaya Palace Dim Sum Restaurant

A modern and stylish decor.

The sweet and spicy dipping sauce

Pan-fried Turnip Cake @ RM6.80

Barbecued Pork Pau @ RM6.50

Palace Prawn Dumplings @ RM7.30

Chicken Mushroom Porridge @ RM8.80

Traditional Siew Mai Trio @ RM7.30

Delicate Mini Egg Tarts @ RM5.80

Jaya Palace Restaurant
Menara LYL
12, Jalan 51A/223
46100 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-79682000

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