Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Date with the Teacher's Daughter

My 'daughter' came back from her first semester at a highly reputable college. I am obliged to her for her gracious invitation in asking me out for hiking last Tuesday, and I truly enjoyed her company. Today, she joined me for afternoon tea at our usual meeting place and we shared not only the laughs and warm moments together, but also everything we ordered at the cafe. A heart-to-heart chat between 'mother' and 'daughter', we cherished every second of it, wishing that time would stop right in its track, so that we could spend more quality time together.

Yin, I wonder when we shall meet again... but I'll always be looking forward to yumcha-ing with you again, and again... till you finally get fed up going out with your 'stepmother', haha...

Thank you for your company, Yin.

Coffee by the Press - 4oz @ RM15.80

Choice of beans: Italian Roast (extra bold)

Beauty captured in a split second

Heavy body with an intense, smoky flavour. This is a very dark roast, although not as dark as French Roast, which is extremely dark. The ebony-coloured oily beans possess a sharp flavour of dark roasted nuts, a tangy acidity and medium body.

Kapitan Chicken Curry Pie @ RM7.50

Looks a little less tempting

A round meat pie, filled with wonderful combination of chicken and potatoes cooked in thick, creamy and flavourful curry, encased in a buttery pie and baked till golden brown.

Do you find it attractive? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti
(comes complimentary with coffee by the press)


  1. Pam, next time I will try this chicken curry pie..

  2. Yin:

    I am proud of all your achievements
    I am proud of all the ambitions you've had
    I am proud, I celebrate You
    I celebrate your existence
    for being a lovely daughter
    I am glad to have you here
    I am always proud of you...

  3. Claire:

    My 'daughter' Yin gave her thumbs up to the pie...



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