Friday, August 26, 2011

Cheap N Nice Western food @ Thomas's

The phrase 'Cheap N Nice', may be grammatically incorrect, but the combination of the above adjectives is highly complemented by the connector 'and'. The whole idea of food is simply not delivered if a more proper conjunction is used in this context, for instance, 'but'.  This is because the diners whole-heartedly agree that there ain't any contrasting ideas between food and its price. Instead, they are better expressed when they are taken as two similar objects sharing a common trait, being good and reasonable. 

Thomas Western Corner, a food stall occupying a temporary shed by the roadside, serves the most delicious western food in Taiping. If you are an out-of-towner whose sole aim is to hunt for good food in Taiping, leaving Taiping without trying Thomas's cooking would be the greatest sin in your life. 

Mexican Grilled Chicken Fillet @ RM7.00

Well-marinated chicken fillet lightly grilled till golden brown, served with a spicy Mexican gravy.

The chicken chop comprises of  one large piece of chicken meat, 2 slices of French toast and a choice of either rice or French fries. As I don't fancy rice or French fries, I opted for the third choice of my own - 4 slices of French toast instead of 2. Fair enough, isn't it?

A cup of fresh orange juice to round off the meal. (coffee is not served here)

Thomas Western Corner
(Cheap N Nice food stall)
Cross street No.8
34000 Taiping, Perak, 


  1. I know this place, but never been there before.

  2. I dont know where it is, Pam.. i might be going taiping next week..

  3. アンゼエリン:

    Then you should take Calvin there tonight.


    If you know where the famous Cendol ice stall is, then you will be able to find Thomas's.



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