Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Davidoff Espresso and Cutie Cherry Pie

I am not a fan of instant ground coffee. While everyone is delighted by the invention of instant coffee which saves their trouble of brewing coffee, many have forgotten that instant coffee is not real coffee as the taste is artificially modified using various chemical reactions. Just imagine, when ground coffee is made into water-soluble substances under unknown processes, much (or perhaps all) taste must have evaporated in the atmosphere. This is undeniably true as all freshly ground coffee can only be kept for a maximum of 5 days upon grinding from the whole coffee bean. After 5 days, the taste and smell (even colour) will be different no matter how well you seal the ground coffee. A layman may not be able to tell the difference but seasoned coffee drinkers do. Stale coffee is easily detected from sniffing, cupping and slurping of coffee. As for ground coffee sold by renowned brands, they are always sealed in vacuum pack to ensure zero oxidation of coffee until the pack is unsealed. With that, the freshness of the coffee is somehow retained. Certainly, the one and only way of getting the freshest coffee is by roasting, grinding and brewing your own beans at one go. 

Back to the main idea of today's post. Why did I buy Davidoff instant coffee which is hardly compatible to the type of beans I used to drink? The reason is simple: I like the cup and saucer. Please don't ask me how the coffee tastes as I do not want to get into unwanted trouble. For instance, being criticised by fans of Davidoff or sued by the company... Haha!  

Davidoff Cafe gift pack @ RM24.99

Davidoff Espresso 57 Dark Roast

A set of free cup and saucer comes with every purchase of Davidoff gift pack.

In my previous post on Victoria Crest Chicken and Mushroom Pie, I introduced a new product of locally made frozen pies. Today, I am going to show you another frozen fruit pie made in the States. If you are interested in all these frozen products, visit any Cold Storage supermarkets and you will be able to see an abundant supply of imported pies and tarts at the frozen department. So, how does this American pie taste? As expected, the pie is exceptionally sweet. For those who do not have a sweet tooth, I would strongly advise against buying this product. In fact, I am having a hard time in getting rid of the remaining pies stored in the freezer. Anyone wants to adopt the pies?

Frozen Cherry Pie by Cutie Pie

Each box contains six individually wrapped pies.

Cherry pie coated with a layer of melted icing sugar

The other side of the pie

Sweet cherry filling


  1. Davidoff also got coffee? My first time hearing it!

  2. アンゼエリン:

    Better known for its cigarette products, hoh?

  3. Pam, you are very geng.. know where to get all these imported pies! ok, next time i go cari in cold storage... see nice or not.. too bad CS closed already in Parkson..

  4. Claire:

    Diam diam let you know... The pies are not really nice. Better buy the fresh bread and cakes at local bakeries.

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