Friday, August 5, 2011

Confessions of a Biology Teacher

My school just dropped a bombshell on me several days ago. The retirement of our senior Biology teacher marks the end of her suffering but the beginning of my hardships. 

"Can you take over the Lower Six Biology classes?" 
"What?!... ok... starting from...?"
"Effective from next Monday!"

Pam is no longer free now as she has to start burning the midnight oil till she knows everything by heart. She cannot put her head on the pillow at night unless she's put her nose in the books during the day. 

Updating blogs? Sorry, no time.
Go blog-hopping? Sorry, no time.
Play online games? Sorry, no time.

Pam is very busy now, in the midst of transforming herself into a bookworm, who reads no other books except Biology, Biology and Biology! STPM, Pre-University, A-Levels etc. 



Au revoir...




  1. hey Pam.. I have confidence in you.. Biology will be at your finger tips in no time!

  2. Claire:

    Thank you so much for your encouragement.
    "From the cocoon, a butterfly emerges"
    That's my philosophy of life.

  3. Hello Pam... hope you are doing fine and great! More coffee please? :)

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