Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A thoughtful gift for the sinful Pam

While we are in the midst of 'celebrating' the Hungry Ghost Festival, the various mooncake brands have started to make their early appearance at major department stores. The battle has just begun... Do not attempt to walk near the cluster of mooncake stalls or you will be 'served' till you feel bad for not buying a piece or two from them. I have been avoiding these stalls for years. I even turned down mooncake gifts from friends gracefully. This is because none of my family members fancies mooncake. I used to feel sorry for the mooncake coated with a spongy layer of molds as a result of being left unattended for too long. When I think of people starving to death, suffering under the catastrophes and miseries, I heaved a sigh of regret at my sorrowful sins.

One thoughtful friend who just knows me too well sent a lovely gift this morning - 2 pieces of jelly mooncakes. This time, I swear that none of these will go into the dustbin. 

Chilled jelly mooncakes

Sweet potato flavoured mooncake

Kiwi flavoured mooncake

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