Thursday, September 1, 2011

Early bird catches the worm

Early to bed, early to rise. 
Early to rise, early to eat. 

An old-fashioned dim sum shop in Taiping bakes and sells pastries of the good old days every Sunday morning. These traditional biscuits - Chinese egg tart, kaya puff, Nam yue pie, sesame ball etc. - are selling like hotcakes as they are available only once a week. So, getting up early is the only key to enjoying the food. However, how early is early? 7 a.m.? 8 a.m.? If you are lucky, you may be able to grab the last few pieces at around 7 a.m. but rest assured that nothing else will be left behind after this. 

Egg tarts, sesame balls and kaya puffs.

Nam Yue Pie @ RM1.10 each

Egg tart & Nam Yue pie

Crispy pie stuffed with with Nam Yue infused lean meat

Kum Loong Dim Sum Restaurant
45 - 47 Jalan Kota,
34000 Taiping, Perak.

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  1. ooohh... just came back yesterday... i managed to get some sardine pastry from this food court! so so nice!!! i will post them up later..



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