Sunday, September 11, 2011

Espresso in Moka pot and homemade Char Siew puff

Today, I am sharing with you all my homemade Char Siew puff and Illy Espresso brewed in the Moka pot.

Moka pot from Italy

Illy Espresso

Concentrated coffee made using the Moka pot

My homemade Char Siew puff

Puff pastry stuffed with juicy Char Siew filling.

Plump and succulent, these puffs are best eaten hot and fresh.

Pairing with a cup of thick brew, these dainty treats are perfect for afternoon tea.


  1. This morning I went to Paradise coffeeshop in Bercham..first time for me... crowded.. their dim sum there looks good.. ordered some char siew pau, kaya pau and the sesame kueh to try.. not bad... will go there once again for other choices..
    I wonder how your pastry taste like.. hahaha... home made ones are the best!!

  2. Claire:

    Paradise? Oh... Lok Yuen! Their dim sum ah... I remember having dim sum there on the second day of CNY and they really cut my throat. Ever since then, no more dim sum at Lok Yuen.



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