Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gardenia Waffle: I finally found all the flavours!

Mum yelled at the top of her voice while holding a packet of Gardenia waffle in her hand. 

"Not again!!! You have been eating waffle daily for more than a week!"

As she was slowly unloading goods one after another from the heavily stuffed shopping bag, she did not realise that she was going to discover the most horrifying scene. One, two, three, four and FIVE! 

"Lei saw jor ah?" (in Cantonese) 
[Translation: Are you crazy?]

"You bought five packets of waffle?" 

"Yes, mum! At last, I managed to find all the five flavours, doesn't it sound exciting to you?"

"I rest my case...".  =.= (mum was speechless)

You're all mine! *wink

A complete set of all five flavours (from left):
Maple Wholemeal, Blueberry, Banana, Classic Cinnamon and Fresh Egg Vanilla.


  1. アンゼエリン :

    Available in every inch of the town...
    supermarket, news stand, morning market except 7-11.

  2. Sedapnyer... setakat nie pernah rase yg vanilla & blueberry jer...

  3. i just bought maple wholemeal and i already fall in love!!! it delicious.... sure i'll find other flavours ;)

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