Thursday, September 29, 2011

SAWAI COFFEE (澤井珈琲) Blue Mountain No. 1 Blend

Sawai Coffee adopts the newly invented method in coffee making by offering coffee enthusiasts with their new range of products - drip coffee. Ground coffee packed in foldable drip bags is sealed individually in aluminium packaging to retain its freshness and aroma. The Blue Mountain No.1 Blend comprises Arabica beans from Jamaica and Brazil respectively. Being the world's most desired coffee, the Jamaican blend is used to blend with others to enrich quality. The result is of course a full bodied flavour and as smooth as silk. Since Japan is the largest importer and investor of the Blue Mountain coffee, enjoying this drip coffee imported from Japan certainly gives more cups for my money. 

The Blue Mountain No.1 Blend


  1. Pam.. I am waiting for you to make a guessing game in your blog.. maybe ask us to guess what coffee that is from.. hahahaa.. then i surely guess wrongly!

  2. Claire:

    That's a good idea. Okay, the quiz is open to everyone now.

    Which of the following is the most expensive in the world?
    A. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
    B. Hawaii Kona Coffee
    C. Luwak Coffee
    C. Guatemala El Injerto – Huehuetenango Coffee
    D. Ipoh Old Town White Coffee

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